Women behind Technology at Tarjama& – Featuring Bushra Kanaan – Product UI/UX Manager

Women Behind the Tech at Tarjama

Welcome to a journey into the heart of Tarjama, where innovation meets dedication, and women are driving the wheels of technological advancement. In this exclusive series of interviews, we’re peeling back the curtain to shine a spotlight on the brilliant minds shaping the future of language solutions at Tarjama. Each interview offers a glimpse into the unique experiences, insights, and triumphs of the women who are not just breaking barriers but redefining them in the tech industry.

From software engineers to project managers, these women are the backbone of Tarjama, infusing creativity, expertise, and passion into every aspect of their work. Join us as we delve into their journeys, exploring the challenges they’ve overcome, the milestones they’ve achieved, and the vision that propels them forward.

Today, we’re interviewing Bushra Kanaan, our Product UI/UX Manager at Tarjama; let’s delve into her story and learn more about her pivotal role within our organization.

. What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?

As a UX/UI manager, I’m fueled by my passion for both art and technology. My background in design and my love for the creative process drive me to craft visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces. I’m inspired by the intersection of aesthetics and functionality, constantly seeking ways to merge artistic expression with seamless user experiences.

· As a UI/UX Manager, how do you balance aesthetics with functionality in your designs?

balancing aesthetics with functionality involves understanding user needs, applying design principles, and using an iterative process to refine designs based on user feedback. Prioritizing information, ensuring responsiveness, collaborating with developers, and conducting usability testing are key strategies. Continuous learning about design trends and technologies is essential for achieving a balanced user experience.

· Can you share insights into your creative process and how you collaborate with the development team?

In collaboration with developers, I would start by agreeing on a structure based on common user screens. Then, using Figma’s developer mode, I would create shared components reflecting this structure. Collaborating closely with developers, I would ensure that these components meet technical requirements and provide thorough documentation for seamless implementation. This approach streamlines design and development, resulting in a cohesive and user-friendly product.

· What trends do you see emerging in UI/UX, and how are you incorporating them into Tarjama&’s projects?

Emerging UI/UX trends encompass dark mode, minimalist design, voice user interfaces, interactive design, gamification, avatar, and custom characters. At Tarjama&, we integrate these trends by collaborating across teams to research, prototype, and test innovative solutions aligned with user needs. We continuously iterate on designs includes implementing interactive elements, personalized avatars or custom characters, and gamification elements to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

· How do you foster a user-centric mindset within the design team?

by advocating for user research and feedback, encouraging empathy towards users, prioritizing usability and accessibility in designs, promoting collaboration with cross-functional teams, providing resources and training on UX/UI best practices, and recognizing and celebrating user-centered design achievements. thus, I ensure that the team remains focused on creating products and experiences that deliver value and satisfaction to users.

· In your experience, what impact does diversity bring to the field of UI/UX design?

Diversity in UI/UX design brings a range of perspectives and experiences, leading to more inclusive and innovative solutions that better address the diverse needs of users.

· What do you like most/appreciate most about working at Tarjama&?

I appreciate the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centered design. I value the opportunity to collaborate with talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. Additionally, I appreciate the supportive work culture that encourages continuous learning and professional growth. Tarjama&’s focus on creating impactful solutions for users and clients makes me fulfilling and rewarding.

. Can you share a memorable project or achievement during your time at Tarjama?

I faced significant challenges, in my entire journey but my experience with CleverSo is different I feel like it’s my baby I was the only designer responsible for the entire journey of the interface and user experience and now it’s one of the best Arabic machine translation systems in the Middle East.

. What advice would you give to other women who aspire to pursue a career in tech? 

Be strong, independent, and confident in achieving your goals; most importantly, be yourself to shine.

As we conclude this captivating interview, we invite you to stay tuned for the next installment in our series, where we’ll introduce you to yet another remarkable woman behind tech at Tarjama. Until then, keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep pushing boundaries. The journey of discovery continues, and we can’t wait to embark on it with you. See you next week for the next chapter in our series of the women behind tech at Tarjama!

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