AI-power your Translation teams!

CleverSo the translation management system for AI-enabled translation. 

Built by translators for translators!

CleverSo, has been built by translator for translators, leveraging our decade-long experience of managing translation projects and incorporating the knowledge from our vast network of translators.

With 15 years of expertise in the translation industry, serving some of the MENA region´s most impactful organizations, Tarjama is committed to reshape the future of the language industry in the region and beyond with its AI-powered language technology products.

Don't miss out on the Arabic-speaking markets

conquer them with CleverSo – your dedicated localization partner to the Middle East! 

Elevate Your Project Managers

Allow your translation project teams to levitate towards light-weight project management, where CleverSo steps in to do part of the work with clever workflow automation, smart file processing and dynamic distribution and assignment of work. 

Keep your Content Secure

With CleverSo TMS, your content stays secure, either in our cloud or on your servers, without unnecessary calls to third-party providers as per applying our proprietary technology, and we give you full control to decide who can access what and to see who did what in your translation workflows.

Boost your translation productivity

With an easy-to-use, attractive workspace, powered by advanced language technologies and harnessing AI, CleverSo has been geared for AI-enabled translation, allowing translators to go beyond MTPE (PEMT) to boost translation productivity

Unlock Insights of your localization efforts

Seize control with CleverSo's advanced project tracking, reporting and quality assurance. Gain insights of your localization efforts to drive strategic choices.

Open the doors to the Arabic-speaking world. 

If you are planning to unlock your content to the Arabic-speaking world, one of the fastest-growing markets, then CleverSo is your TMS of choice as the only TMS on the market with an Arabic UI, Arabic MT, Arabic AI spellchecker, and a unique user experience in Arabic. 

Arabic-Centric TMS and CAT Tool

Purpose-built to flawlessly process Arabic documents and effortlessly manage Right-to-Left languages, CleverSo is your best translation partner for precise and efficient localization of Arabic content.   CleverSo has been meticulously designed to cater to the intricacies of the Arabic language. Seamlessly navigate complex language structures and ensure accuracy in every translation project. 

Cutting-Edge Arabic AI 

Experience translation excellence with our proprietary Arabic MT engine, built for best-in-class translation of business content. The close integration into CleverSo ensures impeccable results, allowing you to efficiently automate your translation workflows without compromising on quality thanks to our automatic quality checks and deep Arabic learning spell-checker. CleverSo's Arabic AI empowers your teams to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Discover CleverSo's Flexible Pricing Tiers

Choose the CleverSo plan that fits your needs and empowers your translation journey best. 


$ 125 / month
  • Up to 10 users per license
  • Essential translation workbench (CAT Tool)
  • Essential project management features
  • Arabic AI (MT, Spell & Grammar checker)
CleverSo Essential Cloud For smaller teams, with the essential tools to excel in your translation projects.


$ 15,000 / month
  • Unlimited users.
  • MT for additional languages
  • SLA with 24/7 support
  • Generative AI features
  • Customization and white labelling
  • API Webhooks
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • PDF support
CleverSo Elite Private Cloud For large enterprises and organizations: Go global with the utmost security and scalable translation capabilities.
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