CleverSo and AMT: The Dynamic Duo Redefining Arabic Localization   

Integrating high-quality machine translation with an intelligent translation management system can accelerate Arabic localization like never before. The seamless combination of Tarjama’s AMT engine and CleverSo TMS makes this a reality.   

Recently, Tarjama unveiled its business-focused Arabic MT engine that outperforms competitors, boasting over 50% perfect translation accuracy. This achievement is attributed to the emphasis on diverse, targeted data and rigorous evaluation. 

In tandem with these MT breakthroughs, CleverSo 3.0, Tarjama’s latest Arabic-localized translation management system, enters the scene. It stands as the first TMS with a native Arabic UI optimized for right-to-left languages. Seamlessly incorporating Tarjama’s high-performance Arabic Machine Translator (AMT), CleverSo 3.0 boosts translator productivity by up to 60%, as measured in customer trials. Automated workflows utilize AMT’s output, allowing translators to focus on post-editing. The system also harnesses cutting-edge generative AI, such as the AI-powered terminology assistant, further enhancing productivity. 

CleverSo 3.0 has been meticulously crafted by translators for translators, drawing on a decade-long experience of managing translation projects and assimilating insights from an extensive network of translators. This unique approach ensures that CleverSo is not just a technological solution but a finely tuned tool that resonates with the nuanced needs and challenges faced by language professionals. 

Alongside the dynamic duo of CleverSo and AMT, Tarjama introduces innovative features to amplify translation workflows, including Workflow Automation, Dynamic Assignments with first-come, first-served allocation, and Large-scale project support, empowering users to conquer complex projects with efficiency and precision.  

Celebrating a remarkable 60% reduction in translation time, this achievement stands as a testament to the real-world efficiency gains of CleverSo and AMT. They emerge as the Fred and Ginger of the translation world, executing each step with precision and flair. Beyond being a linguistic masterpiece, this synergy offers a substantial encore of time and cost savings in the constantly evolving realm of language translation and localization. Tarjama’s targeted innovations play the role of well-rehearsed choreography, transforming Arabic translation into a mesmerizing performance. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional well-versed in the intricacies of translation management systems or a newcomer eager to delve into the world of CleverSo and AMT, Tarjama invites you on an extensive journey of discovery. Uncover the rich functionalities and endless possibilities that these dynamic tools bring to the table. 

To learn more about Tarjama’s commitment to 100% safe, fast, and high-quality Arabic machine translation, as well as exclusive CleverSo offers tailored to your specific needs, reach out to us by dropping a note or scheduling a personalized demo here. Your exploration into the realm of efficient and innovative language solutions awaits!

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